When to Call a Plumber for Sewer Line Repair

Did you catch a whiff of a bad smell wafting up from your drains? It may or may not be a sewer issue. We know the fears that people have about sewer repair, and we’re here to set some things straight. Not every nasty smell coming from toilets and floor drains is a sign of a sewer problem. Sometimes it’s something easier to deal with.


Smelling drains could be caused by biofilm, especially when your shower drains smell. This substance is caused by a buildup of soap scum, shaving cream, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and other products used in the shower on a daily basis. It’s slimy and smelly, but it has nothing to do with your sewer system.

Dry Traps

Another common reason for bad smells is when the trap gets dried out. All drains have a bend that is supposed to always hold a small amount of water. When the drain or pipe doesn’t get used regularly, the trap can dry out and cause sewer gases to backup into the drain. This is common in homes that have a basement bathroom or another drain that doesn’t get used regularly.

Signs of Sewer Line Problems

Okay, now let’s talk about problems that do point to an issue inside the sewer pipe. If you have any of the following issues at your home, call Sunrise Manor Swift Plumbers for a sewer inspection:

    • Several drains in the home that back up at once
    • Clogs that keep coming back
    • Pooling water near where the sewer line is buried
    • Sewage water is present in toilets, sinks, in the basement, or near the sewer line outside
    • The house has an overwhelming sewage odor

How We Find Sewer Problems

Fortunately, finding sewer problems is easier than you think. This is because today’s technology lets us use high-definition cameras to peer inside sewer pipes and identify problems this way. In the past, plumbers had to dig up lines to figure out the problem. This way of finding sewer problems is messy and a lot of work.

Our sewer camera inspection services can pinpoint problems in as little as an hour. We can find issues such as broken pipelines, collapsed pipes, severe clogs, roots growing in the pipe, and more!

How We Fix Sewer Problems

Finding the problem is the first step. The next step is finding the right solution to repair the problem. We consider the age of the pipe, the extent of the damage, and our customer’s budget when making repair or replacement solutions.

We’re not going to lie. Sewer repair jobs are pricey, but with our trenchless pipe repair and replacement methods, we’re able to lower the cost significantly for our customers.

If you think you have a sewer problem, don’t wait to get help. Call one of our plumbers in Sunrise Manor right away to schedule an inspection. Getting repairs faster is always the key to more affordable plumbing service.

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